Leaking Windscreen?

It was on a drive back from the bush that I first spotted a little drop or two of water falling off the front trim inside the car!

Strange? I know I have not driven in rain for a while but that is not right! Solution is a new windscreen – well the old one is over 30 years old. I know this as I remember the incident where the truck threw a stone up on the bonnet and took out the screen in  the early  80’s!

Windscreen gone!

My daughter was in the back seat in a crib (the days before baby capsule and such!) and we were driving from Bunbury to Denmark.

As the truck drove past us the world exploded it seemed as the screen flew into hundreds of pieces all through the car! First thing to do is check the baby – she is ok! Then the wife and myself!

Broken Windscreen 1

We see a farmhouse a little down the road so drive to the house and ask for a moment to work on the car in their shed. The farmer was very friendly and invited us in for a cuppa!

Anyway I got as much of the screen out of the car as possible and then put up the replacement emergency plastic screen. Mmmm does not look too strong and we have 2 hours of driving ahead!

Yes, that does look like rain clouds too!

We said our goodbyes and thankyous and headed down the road.

It was not long before the rain and wind got real strong and we pulled off the road to wait for the worse of it to pass – then drove on! We got to the farm in Denmark  – but we were wet!

Today’s laminated windscreens may reduce this type of experience now so I think I will have a nice new laminated screen! Plus the old screen is so badly pitted that it is getting harder to keep the wipers running smooth over the glass!

2015 Windscreen out!

So back in the now and it’s time for the replacement of the screen and investigating the leak!

First step – remove trims and clips.

Trim off

Now we can see what needs attention!

Remove those clips and then pop the screen!

Starts with a steady hard push on the top left corner of the windscreen until you feel movement and then move your foot to the right continuing to push as you go!

The carpet on the bonnet is to catch the glass if things move too fast!

Now we are ready to find out why it leaked!

Tune in next post for the reveal!

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