Water Water Everywhere!

You know that feeling when you have had 6 hours driving back from the bush and you are exhausted and yet so ready to fire the old girl up again just to hear the burbling old V8!

First though that red dust and mud from gravel roads has to come off – so out with the cleaning gear and give her a  good pressure clean underneath!

Ok, car clean, I have to go back to real life now and so the suitcases and gear has to come out of the boot!

Wet Wet Wet!

Mmmmmm, that carpet looks wet?

Oh damn it! Don’ tell me that the rear screen has leaked! I just installed the thing!

A quick look around the windscreen and no sign of water!

As I look around the tail lights I think I see daylight!

I do! There is a 1-2 mm gap between the metal and the gasket! A quick look and I can see that the rubber gasket has dried out so much it has pulled away from the car and – yep water has dropped in!

Now I know why its wetter near the taillights and not the leading edge of the carpet!

46 years of sunshine has take it’s toll on the old gaskets – ok off to the WWW to Rare Spares!

Yep they have a repair kit for the XT tail lights! A couple of days and new ones should be here!

Rare Spares Tail light Gaskets

Ok, out with the tools and lets get this done!

The power screwdriver shows it’s value now!

Lens Covers Gone


Seconds and I have the lens cover off and the mounting screws out!

That inner lens gasket is shot as well! That’s why the little bit of dust in here!

Dry Gasket

The gasket has really degraded in the last couple of years – but maybe it has been like this for a while. I rarely drive the BeaXT in the rain these days so it may have been leaking some time!

Brittle rubber gaskets!

The gaskets just break in my hand as I try to pull them off the light holder.

Out with the Old in with the New!

A quick clean and wipe and check for rust around the rear of the boot – all good! Time for new gaskets!

So much better now! A nice tight seal and no more water leaks!

New dust seals for the lenses and like new!

Just check the lights before I seal it all up!

No Indicator!

Mmmmmm indicator won’t work!?

That might explain things!

The tab comes out in my hand!

Screwdriver out again! Lucky I have …….

Yes I have all sorts of spares around the house!

So, test the lights once more! Yes – we have light!



P.S. After the next hose test the water is not entering around the tail lights anymore!

BUT what about that drip from the front in that last heavy rain storm near Kojonup?

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