Water Pump Failure

A Green Puddle Under the Car!

Parked the car at the top of the drive while I moved another out of the way when I spotted a green puddle under the BeaXT!

Clearly a coolant leak so time to find where from!

No obvious hose leaks so work my way back to the water pump and spot a little trickle from the bearing inspection hole!

So the marks there could be stains!?

Water pump is the problem so all has to come out – radiator, fans and clutch etc

Decided not to stop at Radiator, whole front off!

Close inspection after removing Radiator revels water damage and rust so I decide a good time to do some repairs and freshen up paint in engine bay etc while new radiator is made and the parts arrive!

Some rust!

Battery tray has some surface issues so out with that and found more underneath!

Treatment with rust converter etc and ready for paint!

Removed all the wiring and compliance plates as well!

Time to fill in some damage and extra holes!

Sanded and primed – spray putty finish!

Much better!

Start with the light surrounds – Fairmont green! My custom colour!


A nice black Hammer Finish with clear coat!

A few bits and pieces need touch up as well!


Everything back in its place and ready for the water pump!

Nice new pump – alloy and 30% lighter than the old one!

Water Pump In Fan back on and thermostat housing installed!


A busy week or so that was – radiator still not here so I will dig out an old one and run the car on that to check for leaks in the pump etc!




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