Water Pump Failure Part 2

Water Pump becomes more than expected!

So I have solved my issues with the water pump – took some time to find a replacement as there are several varieties for the 302W – used in the Mustang, light trucks and of course Aussie Falcons – with and without air conditioning!

Left hand outlet and right hand outlet! I googled for quite some time until I found what I needed – it was 16 or more years since I last bought one so I was a little surprised it was so hard this time. I did find my original receipt and a part number, which helped enormously!

Cost me $96 last time and this time $89 with free delivery! I thought the thermostat housing should be easier!

Simple casting – yet….$$$$

No way! None of the usual car part stores carry them in stock and then there was the price! As much as $80! Oh yeah and the gasket was separate at $16! Even E-bay was around $35-50!

Can anyone see how this simple casting would cost as much as the water pump? Not me!

Luckily I mentioned the problem to my Radiator guy, Gavin, at Lakeside Radiators & Airconditioning. He was as confused as me and suggested we look in his collection – we found one – he sandblasted it and painted it so was better than new!

If you ever need cooling system parts for an old car always visit Gavin you just might get lucky!

Time for  a Dry Run

Well I had the parts in and the paint was dry – so it’s time to fire up the beaXT!

I install the old radiator and……

Looks good but I make a real rooky mistake!

I fire the BeaXT and she roars into life! (Man how I missed that rumble for the last few weeks) – however I hear water running – the radiator is not full yet!

Can you guess what I had done? Look carefully at the photo above!

Yep – 2 litres of red C4 oil all over the floor! Forgot to connect one pipe from the gearbox!

Oh dear!

I clean up my mess! Very quickly before my wife sees the mess!

Water and Fire

Ok, I fill the radiator and top up the gearbox!

Fire-up the starter and all is good! No blood spilled this time!


The old radiator leaks of course!

I bring it up to running temperature and check all the new parts for leaks! Not one in sight! Water Pump is dry and I am a happy chappy!

However the leaky radiator does have a couple of slow pressure leaks and this will prove a problem later on when I fit the new one!

Trim and Tidy

While I wait for the new radiator I decide to tidy up some trim. Starting with the light surrounds!

Light Surround masked and sprayed – a scalpel and a steady hand!

The finished job! I purchased new countersunk stainless screws and and painted them black as well!

Why stop there!? Next to the grill!

I removed all the badges and cleaned them up and this one gets a new coat of paint on the backing plate!

Rust converter and then a coat of black to preserve the surface!

Radiator Arrives!

Woohoo! Radiator is ready to be picked up! Off I go and soon back with a shiny new radiator! This one is actually of a higher quality than the usual 3-core. It has extra tubes and finning so should be a more efficient cooler!

Radiator in! Just need to tidy up the old fan shroud and we can add coolant!


Super Waterless Coolant

I am going with Super Waterless Coolant since the car spends many days sitting in the garage now between rides and cruises! The process takes 7 days to prepare the engine for the coolant – Step 1 Engine Cooling Cleaning Kit

I added Part A to the engine and old radiator. Starting the engine every day and running up to running temperature.

Then its a flush with water and Part B is added to neutralise the Part A chemicals and treat the metal surfaces to prevent new corrosion!

Then a final flush and then empty all water from the system!

So I filled up the system with the coolant and ran the car to full thermostat temperature – then I see drips of fluid! Now that we have full pressure and heat the weak spots of the cooling system are in evidence – a couple of heater hoses and clamps need replacing!

Next day – cool engine and a pan underneath to catch any coolant and new hoses and clamps fitted!

Try again – looks good and maybe I will take a drive!

All done! Coolant, no leaks and fan shroud cleaned up and expansion bottle in!

Three weeks from start to finish! It was going to be a simple water pump replacement – but as we all know with old cars it is never that simple!

Now I have my new pump but also front end rust free, fresh paint and engine bay much tidier! Many thanks for the advice and products from my various suppliers of car parts.


Liquid Intelligence

Lakeside Radiators


See ya on the road!

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