Trim and Tidy

Having fixed the mad steering drift it now time to start on the other more cosmetic issues that are challenging the old BeaXT! First up the nasty nose!

Nose Job

It a few years ago that I managed to put a rather large dent in the front of the old girl – courtesy of pebble gravel, a steep driveway and a rather heavy trailer. The upshot was to either drive into a very solid granite strainer holding up a heavy gate or roll the car over the edge of the driveway!
A no brainer – the post it was to be!
Well avoided the rollover but some very nasty dents in the bumper, trim and bonnet!

I managed to do a little repair on paint and knocked the bonnet back into some semblance of straight! The trim was too bad and had to be replaced. A call to Superoo in Armadale and all done!

Clean and Strip

This process is pretty straight forward – having done it many times over the decades.
Fist off clean the car and then remove any polish or tape. In this case the bonnet had a piece of protective contact put over the nose – this was a short term fix after the bump. It held the paint in place and stopped anymore chips.

However, removing it stripped all the paint off down to the earliest primer layers from the 1980s! Nothing a little primer and spray putty cannot fix!

Primed, sanded and spray puttied and sanded again!

Add the colour after the last coat of primer!

Clear coat and then we are ready to do a little cut and polish. Not perfect but waterproof.

Next Time – the new carpet for the boot and interior has arrived!

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