Rust Repair In an Old Car

Today the Petrolhead will run you through the steps to doing a little rust repair on an old car. This is the Corolla I bought my daughter so she could learn to drive a manual. I spotted the car in a drive way with a for sale sign and decided to buy it.
It had a very high mileage on an original 1300cc motor. Not much power but absolutely great fun to drive.

The car was basically sound with a few minor mechanical issues which we fixed for about $150. I also needed to repair the rust in the boot and boot lid. This is a pictorial diary of what steps I took.

First Things First

The first thing to do is clean the car and then empty the boot.

So out with the spare tyre.

If you look at the left hand side you can see why this is the spare! The cause is another story!

Out with the tail lights.

These are so old they are perishing around the globe fittings – had to be very gentle!

Take off the boot lid.

Using a steel brush scrub the rusty areas – this usually does two things – strips off the rust and reveals that there is twice as much there than you thought!

Even the tyre well needs some grinder engineering!

Next Step Patch

The next step is now the actual repair work. I used fibreglass and aluminium sheeting to patch the holes and this was a very successful mixture.
The Aluminium gave structural strength back to the boot rim and the fibreglass sticks the whole lot together.
The red area is a finishing compound – it sands easily and gives a smooth finish.

The rest of the boot received the same treatment.

Ready now to start the paint.

On With the Paint

Mask the bumper and then prime the repair areas.

The first coat of colour goes on.

The boot lid goes back on before we start the final colour matching and blending. Need to check fitting.

Here we are all done – unmasked and ready for rebuild.

Lights Camera Action

Put the lights and boot back on and we are ready to go!

Cost = about $50. Not to mention my time!

But that’s what Petrolhead Dads do!

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