Rewire the Steering Column

Ok, the steering box is back in, engine starts – battery has not gone flat after sitting there for two weeks (I did disconnect the car at the battery while working on this). Now to tackle the steering column!

First problem is the the worn horn contact. The horn failed last year and it was the motivation to get on with the steering box replacement. Now I have to deal with the reason for that and it means a complete replacement of the column wire harness.

New harness

Rare Spares to the rescue on this one – I visited the store when fixing the threads on the steering shaft. The part had to be ordered from the eastern states so it will take a week to get here! No worries, I had plenty to do at this stage anyway.

Old Horn indicator wires

If you look carefully you can see that the outer pin is worn and not repairable so the whole horn and indicator switch has to be replaced.
I found a great video on youtube and watched the two guys do the same job on a Mustang – identical almost to the XT!

Wire it Right

Once you start pulling wiring apart it is very easy to forget the order of the wires in the connector so the first thing I always do is take a photo!

Plug for horn indicator harness

This is the plug from the steering column to the major wiring harness so this must be rewired correctly!

Alarm connections

This is the piggy-back setup to the alarm system to give the alarm access to the lights to confirm arm, disarm and alarmed!
The alarm wires are all black so a little tape is used to distinguish one from another!

Cut and Pull it Out!

Once the plug is cut off it easy enough to remove the wires from the column but I tape one large wire and attach it to some steel garden tie. Then as I pull out the wires the tie will move up through the shaft!

Taped end to hook onto follow wire

Follow wire threaded


All I have to do is now run some heavier wire up through the shaft pulled thru by the green tie wire so I can pull back the new harness! (That black wire is the back-up line for the automatic gearbox to turn on the two indicators when selecting reverse.)

New harness taped and ready to pull up the steering shaft

New wires in

Carefully and gently I pull the wires through and then we can start reconnecting the plug.


Remove old wires and in insert new ones carefully!

It was at this point I discovered that one wire had not been duplicated in the same colour pattern as the old one so care was needed when rejoining the plug!

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