Out With the Old Interior

Just Rip it Out

Well the new carpet has arrived some weeks ago and I am just waiting on the headlining to arrive and to find some time between landscaping jobs to strip the whole inside of the car out.

Its here! Now, do I take on the task of fitting it myself? Do I find an auto-detailer to do it for me?
If I stuff it up that’s $200 wasted!

New White Headlining. Perforated like the original

I am doing it myself! First though have to strip out all the old carpet and fittings – seats – trim and headlining all must go!
Always the fun part!

20 Years Old and showing it!

Rods for giving tension and form to the headlining. All numbered and left and right marked!

One seat gone – one to go! Also the seatbelts and consul, trim around doors as well.

Half way there! Left side done now back to do the rest!

Old carpet sorted! 20 years wear and tear, two kids, 5 years as a landscapers work vehicle!

Now to the parcel shelf and rear seatbelts!

Screen out with no scratches so far! Cleaned up and ready to go back in a weeks time!

Ok cleaned up and stripped right down to the floor! All rust areas treated with POR15.

Some of the insulation was loose and needed regluing. You can see my new speaker cable ready for the sound system replacement. The red line is the high-rise led brake.

All the side trims are repainted. These sit under the aluminium plates. All the speaker wiring has been replaced with new cable.

Ooooh! Nasty rust found as I removed the window rubber! This is going to be a challenge!

Oops same on the other side!

After trying to find a talented MIG operator I ran out of time so opted for the epoxy, fibreglass option! It’s as strong as the metal and should give me a few years while I plan for a future repair with metal!

So a couple of days later – sealer and topcoat added – test the windscreen rubber – fitting is ok! Time will tell if we have stopped the rust and water leaks!

Window in, trim fitted, seal perfect! Have been in two storms of torrential rain and still dry in boot!

Ok! Interior gone, repairs done, rust treated and repainted metal!
Next it’s fitting the headlining – but that is another days story!

All of this is in order to get the car looking A1 for a certain young ladies wedding in September!

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