Out for A Drive

The Petrolhead had to pop down to Bunbury this week for business and so had a great day out cruising down the highway on Tuesday .
The weather was foul when I left Perth but by Rockingham the wind had dropped and rain reduced greatly.

When I got to Bunbury the skies were blue and the wind still! Amazing travelling weather – the sort I enjoy.
I towed my little Erde trailer (had a load to bring back) and it was very stable with very little bouncing around (the 40kg of blue metal over the axle may have helped!)

I caught up with my friends and had a coffee and then after loading up set back to Perth. At lunchtime I decided that an emu pie might go down well so I stopped at the little store just out of Eaton.

This is a windscreen shot just before heading on to Perth – notice the clear skies!

This is a shot as I entered the Mt Henry Bridge area – I did not focus on the screen that was the auto-focus but you can see the bugs!

New Bypass Not Ready

The big disappointment was the new Mandurah Bypass was not ready! I was really looking forward to cruising along the new road!
I’m hoping the road will be ready in August when I have another trip to Bunbury.

Oil Leak

I spotted an oil leak on the way back from Albany last week so I kept an eye on the oil levels and pressure on the way to Bunbury. Today I pressure cleaned the block and will check the leak over the next few days to confirm my suspicions as to the source.

I will update progress on the Blog next week

That’s it for today – just a short update.
Have a great week!

The Petrolhead

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