New Windscreen In!

Laminated Windscreen

Well the big day arrives and I gingerly drive the car through the morning traffic to the repair shop for the big fitting of my – laminated tinted windscreen!

Every bump worries me as the lack of rubber means its glass on steel! Too big a bump and it may shatter – yes – I have insurance but the mess!

I arrive at the workshop and hand over the keys – something I am never comfortable with – unless I know the guys very well!

All goes well and the new laminated screen is in and the beast is ready once again for the road and particularly wet weather!

One drawback I have to wait for nearly 1.5hours as the adhesives set and the screen settles in! No good magazines here wither – disappointing for a car shop! I will drop in some old street machine mags next time I drive by!

New glass! So smooth and clean!

Just put the wipers back on and you would never know what we have been through this last month!

I also need some new stickers for the Steel Bumper Car Cruises!

Be seeing you on the road – really I will now!


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