New Carpet and Lining


Now that the headlining is in and safely tucked and glued attention can now be turned to the bare floors!

New carpet was ordered quite a while ago and has been sitting in the office patiently waiting to stretch it’s legs! The carpet comes with underlay so once the floor is cleaned and the paint is dry I can get started.

Floor cleaned, rust treated – paint over those areas.


 I have laid the carpet out on the driveway to get warm and more pliable. It is custom made for the car but there are sometimes little production variations that will need a little more push or lift – softening the backing makes this much easier.

Step 1 Underlay

The underlay is in two pieces, one for the front and one for the back of the floor. I use masking tape to hold it in place until the carpet is in and the trim screwed back.

First piece.

The front piece needs a hole cut for the T-bar and that is about the hardest task!

Underlay to car floor

 Step 2 Carpet.

Ok, now for the carpet – basically the same task as the underlay but no room for error once you cut the carpet!

The carpet has to be alined carefully so that equal overlap is evident on the sides for the fitting of the trims. Also there are seatbelt reels and seat floor bolts to cut holes for!

Carpet centred – cut for the T-Bar and holes cut for bolts!

Getting the holes aligned for the seat bolts and seatbelts is a major task – I have learnt to insert long bolts as I cut the holes. The last thing you need is the carpet to move as you cut the other three holes for the seat mounting frame!
Some parts need the underlay removed under the carpet in order to fit the part (Inertia reel for the seat-belt a good example).

Aluminium Trims hold the carpet down along the door frame.

Back door trim.

Seatbelts in! Note plastic trim holding carpet from front to back trim!

Centre Consul

Before fitting the seats I just take moment to tidy up and re-colour the centre consul.

Consul out and ready for a cleanup and maybe some vinyl re-colour!

Seats Back In

With everything cleaned and ready for fitting seats can now be bolted back in.

Front seats in!

Rear seat is in!

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