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I wanted to do something different this month with a look at a classic old bus that some friends of mine have taken on as a project to take them around Australia. No mean feat since the bus they are using is a 1970 Bedford. The Petrolhead loves old machinery as you know so the bus has a certain appeal to me and a lot of charm I think!

Now the green beast is 41 years old and keeps me busy maintaining and finding parts – a 40 year old bus will not be much easier a proposition. It will be more challenging once they hit the road and wear and tear of travel starts to shake the old girl down.

Real History

The bus is a Comair VAM 70. Bedford have a huge history in trucks and vans and most of the school buses I travelled in as a kid were Bedfords.

A very English company but exports were made to all parts of the world and most of my generation will have memories of Bedford vans and trucks carrying stuff around the town. Most bands loved their Bedford Van and they were quite popular with the roadies since those big back doors opened up very nicely.

The Bedford bus is to be home for the Wood family (no relationship that I know of) 7 of them to be precise.
It is well kitted out for the journey but in need of some TLC before they leave. For more details and to follow the story go to the New Life On the Road blog.

More Power

The bus is powered by it’s originally combination of Bedford 466 motor and four speed gearbox. David has already done some miles in the bus and reports all is good with the engine and gearbox. A big fat diesel engine will have heaps of torque – a must with the bus loaded up with all of life’s needs for 7 people.

I will be interested to see what sort of mileage they get once on the open road. It would be tempting to add the LPG injection that has been designed for diesel engines to improve torque and reduce fuel costs.

Anyway I am sure that the Woods will report on all this as the journey progresses.

Name That Bus

Starting today Lisa has launched a competition to name the bus so put your thinking caps on and have a go!
Checkout the conditions on the blog.

Now if it was red we call it Bertie as in Thomas the Tank Engine fame.

I’m thinking about Woodford. A play on the Wood family name, the Bedford Brand, and the old English sound of the name.

Not all that original but the best I can do today! If I get a better idea I’ll post it here!

For now get on over and check out the blog – New Life On The Road.

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