Is It Brake Binding

Am I in a Bind?

Next thought is that a brake pad is binding and some cleaning and grease may fix it!

Pulling the pins!

I pull the pins and polish them and refit with high temperature copper based grease.

Copper based grease to cope with the heat!

Everything moves smoothly and cleanly so no binding here now!

Test Drive

However, another run into town it gets worse and I have to drop 40-50kph to stop the fenders bouncing off! Strangely I work out that there is a connection between engine vacuum and the degree of drag!

A chat with a few mechanics and a brakes specialist and they suggest that the brake booster may be the problem, specifically the control valves. There are two parts in particular – a one way valve that is connected to the manifold to give vacuum and the control valve that actually helps in the movement of the push rod and controls the movement of atmospheric air into the system.

I did replace this last time I serviced the brakes!

I replace the one-way valve and drive home – not much difference!

If all else fails – read the instructions!

I spend an hour or two reading the manual and studying the diagrams to try and get the key principles of the VH40! The answer must be in here somewhere!

Next day I have an idea that the problem is a leak of air somewhere!

I jack the car and pump the brakes until the vacuum is all used so to speak and wheels spin freely – start the car and check the wheels and both front calipers have locked down on the discs! Turn the engine off and wheels turn!


So it is definitely an air or vacuum issue – either the control valve is leaking (worn or broken diaphragm) or the small rubber elbow!

Keep it simple stupid!

I start with the easiest check and that is the rubber elbow.

Looks fine from above but a quick check shows a split in the rubber – I move it a bit and the sound of air escaping!

Perishing rubber batman!

Now I get it! Bumpy roads, slight movement of the hose and air leaks, drop in vacuum and brakes on! I remove the pipe and can see it has been splitting for a while – smooth Perth roads mean little vibration compared to the gravel tracks! Now to find a replacement!

I dig around the shed and find the correct size of hose and after a fight I get a piece on the booster! Not perfect but works!

I drive into town and believe it or not the brake and clutch guy has a replacement in his back shed come storeroom! $5 and the car is back to normal -probably better now that I have fully serviced the brakes and steering!

Ok I’m off to plan some more cruising around the southern roads!

Castle Rock

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