Insurance Is It Really A Necessary Evil

If you have a classic car then the last thing you want to think about is having an accident or worse still seeing your pride and joy hooning down the road and you are not driving it!
I have always bought the best insurance I can afford for my cars and for the green machine better than I can afford!
I will gladly go without a takeaway coffee or two every week if that is the difference in having the right level of insurance!

Insurance is not an evil it is the stop gap that may be the difference between having a car worth driving after an accident and not having a car. I often read stories about house fires in the winter months and the sad story often finishes all too often with the bad news that the house was uninsured! $200000 worth of property and no insurance!
Well I value my car more than a house and so I am more than willing to pay what it takes to protect that investment in passion.

Can Safe Driving Schools Really Help Lower Car Insurance Rates?

Everyone is well aware of the fact that car insurance is a necessary expense that must be included in every driver’s budget, and most people feel like they are overpaying for their coverage. Although there are many different types of discounts that may be offered to a consumer by their insurer, few people are familiar with the significant savings that attending safe driving schools can provide. Any driver that is looking for ways to decrease the monthly outlay on insurance premiums needs to consider the connection between car insurance and safe driving programs.

Angry Bad Safe or Unsafe

Insurance companies base their rates on perceived risk, so driving histories that reflect dangerous habits are certainly going to be of concern to the insurer. Safe drivers are certainly the type of customers that car insurance companies would like to have due to the fact that they cost much less to insure, so the savings can be passed on to the consumer. Every individual has probably seen the car insurance advertisements that offer good driver discounts, and virtually every company will reward safe drivers with a significant deduction on their premiums. Drivers without any type of formal training have been statistically proven to be more likely to be involved in accidents, and insurers are well aware of the correlation.

Most individuals believe that they are considered to be safe drivers if they have never been involved in a motor vehicle accident, but the simple fact of the matter is that car insurance companies often like to see more than a simple lack of claims. Safe driving schools teach a variety of different courses that are designed to help ordinary drivers become extraordinary. Defensive driving techniques and other advanced skills do not come naturally to anyone, so they must be learned from a qualified professional instructor. Car insurance companies recognize the fact that the ability to properly avoid an accident is going to prepare a driver for many different driving conditions and hazards.

The cost of safe driving schools varies based on the programs offered and the type of instruction that will be delivered, but it is important for consumers to view it as an excellent investment. Any opportunity to lower car insurance premiums should be taken advantage of and can help a consumer save quite a bit of money each and every year. Most car insurance providers offer discounts starting at 15% for a standard defensive driving course, and additional classes or courses can help provide an even greater level of savings.

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