Headlining this Month

Well with the car in pieces and the inside gutted, repairs to rust all finished, time to turn to fitting all the new good stuff.

First task is the


Tools you will require are, Stanley knife, scrapper, cleaning fluid, bulldog clips, (any strong clips help), spray on adhesive, patience!

Some basic tools for getting the car ready for the new headlining!

First step is to lay out the headlining to “relax” the vinyl. Insert the rods (check the order!) by the numbers and left to left and right to right!

Here you can see the rods are in and I am just clipping and testing the fit. I bought 30 little bull clips to hold the headlining as I check fitting and also as the glue dries.

I have done the doorways so now onto the rear window. A few little cuts in the corners allow for the curve of the windscreen.

These pieces of trim go back over the headlining once the glue has dried.

The sides are well and truly dry before I start on gluing the windscreen.
The creases start disappearing as you tighten the edges – a few weeks after fitting very few left.

Here are three tabs along the parcel shelf for holding the headlining. (circled) There are a set on each side and along side the seat back as well.

Tension is added by pulling done onto these “teeth” which bend over once finished.

So front and back done sides in and trim replaced! Just leave it for a day or two to soften out the creases and then I will start on the light fittings.

Taking a Stanley knife I make 4 little cuts from the center of the light location to the edge of the hole in the panel. Must not rush this – one wrong cut and ………

Refit the globe holder and the facia and – lights in action!

Repeat for the center light and the bits of trim and sun visors!


Rear view mirror.

The visors look rather sad against the new white headlining! Will spray them later!

Finished and parked in the sun to warm and soften to work out creases!

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