Headers back on the Engine

Clean Up the Head

Steering box is in, the engine bay clean and the old Pitman Arm is gone!

Pitman Arm Gone

So step 1 scrape and clean the face of the head without breaking any spark plugs (better still take them out!)

Clean head and spark plugs loose


Headers back in

Then all we need is a little copper based silicone and bolt ’em up!
(Permatex Ultra Copper High Temp RTV Silicone)

Pitman Arm In

So headers back in and plugs wired up! Now to check the pitman arm for clearance and bolt it up!

New Pitman Arm

Looking good! We might even try starting the motor now and check that we can even turn the wheels!

Steering Wheel test

Yep wheels turn and very obviously no play in this new steering box!
Mmmm that cut header pipe leaks a lot of engine noise – sounds like the drags!

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