Happy New Year 2018


So it’s January the first! Happy holiday! For me this is a great time to catch up on some needed maintenance and service items on the BeaXT!

New year eve day I worked on the back end of the car sucking out the old gear oil and replacing with nice new gear oil!

Up the ramps she goes!

Today was a great chance to lift up the front and go over the suspension and brakes – checking the ball joints and all the nuts and bolts under there for the start of a new year!


Jacks in place and back wheels chocked and axle stands under the front frame!


Wheels off and ready for inspection!


Murphy’s Law

I go get my grease gun and as Murphy says it will be empty!

I filled one ball joint and then nothing!

Opening the cupboard and finding spare grease cartridge – all the grease has dried out and hardened!

Then I remember that I might have another in the house! YES!

Yes fresh grease but wrong size for gun!

Cartridge is full but it’s the wrong size! So I have to scrape grease out of the new cartridge into the old one – that fits!

My favorite – ZX1!


Safety Check

Grease in!  All the ball joints looking nice and lubed and ready for action!

Now its time to check over all the nuts and bolts and cables!

Tie rod ends and brake lines!

OK all done! Apart from a  hint of wheel alignment problem all is good under the old girl and she is ready for the next big road trip! (After a visit to Bob Jane!)

A good time to remember that the car is 49 years old this year and regular service and maintenance is essential of we are to keep on cruising!

Until next time!

Get those tools out and check everything!






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