Gone Bush

Working Holiday!

In August I was in the fortunate position of having to drive to the south west of the state – near Napier to be precise – to work and holiday at the same time!

A family member asked me to farm-sit while they went camping north! That’s Geraldton, Canarvon and Exmouth to start!

Packed and ready to go!

Packed and ready to go!

My mum also wanted her house repainted and garden refreshed for the spring flower season!

I saw an opportunity to get the BeaXT into a big shed with a clean concrete floor and all the toys one needs to do repairs! I can finally paint the boot and check out the new paint Autopower Car Paint prepared for me. If this proves successful then I will be doing the bonnet next!

A nice big clean farm shed!

Cruising Down the Road

Dam it's cold!

The first frosty morning in Napier!

So, with the BeaXT fully fueled (72L LPG, 65L petrol) and the trailer loaded with all my painting gear, sanders, buffer and polishes it’s off I go for the 5 hour drive! I tend not to think of it as a chore when I can take the BeaXT and just rumble down Albany Highway – Williams (near zero degrees C) – Kojonup, North Bannister and on to Mt Barker – finally the bypass road out to Chesterpass Rd and then Bakers Junction!

As usual the BeaXT travelled the whole way without a hiccup! Gas consumption was great – the air being so cold I could feel an extra few horsepower – especially on the top end!

I ran the petrol tank down to nearly empty to give the Holley a good workout! It’s nice to refill with fresh petrol after a good run. The Holley 500 carbs can really roar when pushed!

Power Spikes

It was just out of Kojonup when I had my cd player drop out and a quick check revealed that the voltmeter was reading 18Volts! You don’t need that much voltage running through your classic – 47 year old wiring won’t take too much of that! Fortunately I had installed a fusible link a few years ago to supply all the accessories – central locking and cd/radio were on a separate line.

Bouncing voltage can only really mean one thing and  that is the regulator is on the blink in the alternator! First job then this week will be to get the alternator serviced – I think that it was a new one when I put in the the Windsor so about 100000miles.

Alternator repaired, sandblasted and with a coat of paint back in the car!

Alternator repaired, sandblasted and with a coat of paint back in the car!

Talking miles the odometer is moving ever closer to the second turnover on this speedometer. I expect to hit the 999999 in September or October this year!

Not quite 100000!

Not quite 100000!

Well that was my first few days and plenty to see and do! Next up time to get the sanders out and get to work on the dodgy boot!



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