Cruising South Until I’m Shaking All Over


Once again cruising down to the south west of the state to visit family and enjoy the quiet and lifestyle of farm life.

Blue Skies and 4 Degrees C!

In the shadows of the Porongurups it’s mostly cool air, rain and a bit of hail at this time of the year. However, there are many days of blue skies and dry roads – perfect weather for cruising around the coast and sleepy country towns.

The temperature gauge shows the engine spending many hours under 150degrees F and a few times below 140! The wind chill at 3-4 degrees C is pretty savage – very glad I serviced the heater before we left.


The trip south was largely uneventful – little traffic and only a few semi-trailers to over-take.
Although  1-2 drivers of buzz boxes seem to think it obligatory to drive as close as they can to the back of the classic steel – not enough power to overtake but still enough to be a pain!
A flick of the accelerator and a few car lengths are easily added to the gap! 10 minutes later they are back there again!

The roads down south are in some places rather poor and you go from pot-holes to long rolling waves of asphalt where 40 tonne trucks and trailers squeeze the life out of the second rate roads!

It was on one section of road that I started to feel a little vibration in the steering wheel – like losing a wheel weight! We pullover and a quick check finds no problems!

Not sure what the problem is I decide to get the car off the ground at some point this week and check all the nuts and bolts on the suspension/steering. Maybe the brakes are binding?


A few days later, floor jack under and up she goes to get the wheels off and brakes inspected! No obvious issues except a little play in one side of the steering gear.

Checking each ball joint and tie-rod I find a loose clamp on the left tie-rod. 1-2mm of play – not enough I think to cause our problems so check the pitman arm to find the tension has dropped on the nut also! Out with the torque wrench and adjustments all round to be sure that nothing is moving!

A test drive and all seems ok until I get back on the gravel and the vibration is back!

More on the shakes next week!

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