Brake Rotor Replacement

Brake Fade

Out driving after having returned from trip to the Southwest to visit family and noticed that brakes not really pulling up like normal. At first thought it was maybe air in the system so a flush should fix it.

Removed wheels and discover that the rotors are just a little worn and extending the calipers to an extent they were never designed for! A brake line flush will not fix this problem. New rotors are a highly necessary action!

Worn Rotor 100000miles+

So off to the RRS manual and get that phone number. Ring the Sydney head office and speak to an enthusiastic assistant. Don’t you love it when the people you deal with have a passion for the job/business they are in/own?

Anyway after a discussion of the history of the vehicle and the current Phase fitted we organise new rotors! All I have to do now is wait!

New Rotors

A week later the new rotors arrive – excitement is short lived as I find something odd about them. They don’t look quite right!

Looks ok

Anyway I can only check by removing the old rotors and try a comparison.

So I dismantle the brake system on the right hand side and find that the rotor is not going to come off easily at all!

Easy a call to Pedders and I should have a solution!

Ok – it seems I just need a bigger hammer! So I get into the shed and get the bigger hammer. 5-6 very heavy hits later and the rotor finally comes off. More than just a few dents on it by now but hey I have a new one!

New one slips on easily – now for the rotor. Disaster the rotor cannot accommodate the caliper! I quickly compare the old and the new disc and it is obvious!

Now you can see that this wont work!

Wrong Kit

Well I am baffled and somewhat frustrated. All excited about getting on the road again and I have major mismatch of parts.

Ok to the phone! Send a photo to show my problem and the return answer is – “You don’t have a Phase 1 kit it’s Phase 2!”

So, bonus – my original fitting 15 years ago was a Phase 2 at Phase 1 prices! A bonus yes but means that I need different rotors and these must go back!

So I order new rotors again and figure if I have gone this far lets also add braided stainless steel brake-lines for the front end!

Mmmmm somebody’s courier business is doing well out of me this month!

Try Again

So wait for delivery of the new rotors – again! So hard not getting the BeaXT out and about!

Finally I come home from a morning working and there on the doorstep are my new rotors and brake lines! Now to get them on!

New shiny parts! Always love that!

First step rip out all the old brake-lines and brackets and loosely fit new lines to work out clearances.

Old kit has a few brackets and extra links in the line!

The braided lines are self supporting almost and require little of the brackets on the old lines. Just one bracket on the sidewall of the engine bay and all done!

So neat clean and tidy! Wish I had done this before!

Ok rotor back on and caliper over that. Repeat for left side of car and we will be nearly done! Less than 2 hours! Torque wrench out and all the bolts checked! Done! Now to bleed the system and get new fluid in there and all the air out!

Now that is simplification!

Little Bleeder

So here we are then, spanners out and away we go!

No, not that simple! The bleeders refuse to budge! I know not to force them as that can be disastrous!

Ok off to Hitech Brake and Clutch in Wangara – problem solved!

New bleeders and repair hint for free – take a hammer – yes a hammer – and hit the old bleeder hard on the top.

I do as directed and “bing” a nice clear ring of the metal –  drop a 10mm socket over the top and out she comes! Nor thread scores or damage to the caliper! Ok now back to bleeding the brakes!

 Test Drive

So all done and ready for a drive.

Slowly back her out of the garage and give the brake a squeeze, mmmmm not as good as expected. Right we clearly need to bed the discs in so off I go down a quiet section of road and basically heat up the rotors and pads until they are bedded in.

Drive at 60kph and brake down to 10kph – 7-8 times in a row. Get a few queer looks from pedestrians along the way but I suppose it’s fair enough!

Until next time!

This petrolhead is gone….. seeya out on the road!






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