Hi John (alias Greenfalcon) here, I am a father of two loving daughters, a granddaughter, a grandson, a husband for 36 years and I am now 58!

My Classic Falcon will be 48 this year!

This blog is a celebration of the many years of fun and enjoyment I have had in vehicles of many sorts but especially the Falcon!

My life as a petrolhead in vehicles began as a 4 year year old, standing behind the wheel of a landrover as my father threw hay off the back for the cows. The old landrovers had a manual accelerator so dad would just set it and leave me to steer. From here on my love for moving machines was set! Tractors, trucks, scooters, motor bikes and sedans and utes they all became part of my portfolio before the age of 12.

At 15 I got my first brand new motorbike and within the year I nearly killed myself by arguing with a barbwire fence!

In 1975 my father allowed me to buy a HK Holden ute, a real bucket of rust! My first real car. I was 16 at the time and thought it was the best thing ever. I paid $100 and a year later (completely wrecked) I sold it for $50!

Once I got my licence and saved a bit more money, I moved on to another Holden, a HR. Not as much rust in this one. I immediately set to “improving” various aspects of the car to give it more street cred!

My first road car! Receiving some attention on my wedding day!

My first road car! Receiving some attention on my wedding day!


In 1981 I got married and it soon became obvious that the non-synchro gearbox in the HR was a little tough on the little lady.

Then a chance to buy a large falcon for $350! I bought it and sold my HR.

1982 - the journey begins!

1982 – the journey begins!


This beast is still sitting in my garage today – much changed and upgraded in the last 30 years!

Production: March 1969 Broadmeadows

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