A Valiant Petrolhead

I have a number of friends and work mates that have pretty cool cars that are not always Fords but I still love the old metal! So this week I share a classic Valiant Coupe. The owner and I have worked together for many years and have the odd chat about our classic cars. This car is a daily driver and does 60 miles a day without any problems!
This Valiant is a 1969 model – VF 6 cylinder – same year as my Green Falcon!
(The round headlights spot it as a VF and not VG!)

Classic maybe the only one of it’s kind in Perth!

Look carefully and you can see the Green Beast in the background!

Cool lines and classic look!

Even the rear looks good!

My thanks to Vince for permission to take a few photos of his old girl!

If you want to check out more Valiants then go to the NZ Mopar Registry for a starter! The first photo is an identical model to the one I drove to school in my last year of High School. Very cool to look at now!

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